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What is Valley Internal Medicine and Pediatrics?

As the name implies, an individual who completes a residency in Med/Peds is trained concurrently in both internal medicine and pediatrics. Thus, when the training is completed, the candidate is eligible to apply for certification in both internal medicine and pediatrics.

Internal medicine physicians have received specialized training to diagnose and treat complex medical problems in both adult and adolescent patients. Internists receive extensive training in detecting and managing complex diseases that may affect any organ system in the human body. They often serve the role of the “medical detective” as a consultant to other physicians or health care providers.

A pediatrician is a physician who treats the young patient in all aspects of health starting with early newborn well examinations and following their development until they become adults. Like the internist, the pediatrician is trained to detect and manage the complex problems that are unique to the younger patient. Most pediatricians will continue to follow their patients until they graduate from high school at which time their patients are transferred to the care of an “adult” physician.

Thus, the Med/Peds physician can take care of patients of all ages.

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